Monday, April 29, 2013

A "Lifetime" Play

As I sit here watching some overly dramatic Lifetime movie (yes I am one of those women) I can't help but think about the play that we just read for the last pod. I feel like A Streetcar Named Desire would make a perfect Lifetime movie. There is so much drama incorporated into one story it screams Lifetime. The relationship between Blanche and Stanley is one that has been done time and time again in many movies that appear on that network. I think we should all get together and film this a movie version of this play! What do you guys say? Maybe I am taking it a little too far, but the idea is definitely valid. If any of you have seen a movie on Lifetime I think you would agree with me. Family quarrels, relationship problems, abuse, depression; all this are ingredients for a standard Lifetime Movie, and in my opinion A Streetcar Name Desire meets that criteria. I can see it now.....Mrs. S's American Literature class presents the new Lifetime movie interpretation of Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire. Maybe I'm taking this one a little too far....I guess I need to cutback on the Lifetime (:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Literature and Blogging...So Much to Learn!

Well now that I have figured out what I am doing with this thing (it helps if you remember your correct email address!), hopefully I can get back on track with the blogging thing. I wasn't kidding when I said I was new at this (: Everything that I have encountered with my blog, has indeed been a learning process, and that goes along with all of the material I have came in contact with in this class. As I stated in my first blog, reading is not really something I am too passionate about, but with that being said, being able to have interaction with you, my fellow classmates, seems to make it a little more bearable. In more than once occasion, I found myself struggling with trying to understand what the author was trying to portray in the story,especially in the poetry pod! It was so refreshing to be able to go and look at what everyone else had commented in the discussion boards and after that, I did not feel so lost. I felt like I could read a poem over and over and still not have any clue what was going on! Through the course of the class so far, I have found a new appreciation for poetry and I guess all literature in general, it helps when you understand something. So I would like to say thanks to everyone for being such an awesome class! Now that I've got a hang of this blog thing, I will write again soon.

Thanks for reading!